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International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference  New York New York
Javits Convention Center
March 10-12, 2019


Download then print a PDF of each from these links:

GENERAL SHOW INFORMATION (download entire section)

  • Welcome Letter                                 
  • Table of Contents
  • Table & Chair Request Form
  • Show Schedule
  • Move In / Move Out Information
  • Authorized Contractors
  • General Information
  • Exhibitor Success Kit

REGISTRATION INFORMATION (Badges, Lead Retrieval & Model Pass Order Form)

INSURANCE INFORMATION (download forms individually)

GENERAL CONTRACTOR (download entire section)

Freeman Show Information & Order Forms

  • Show Information
  • Method of Payment
  • Freeman Terms & Service
  • Carpet Brochure & Order Form
  • Furnishings Brochure & Order Form
  • Stage Rental Order Form
  • Executive Collection Furniture Brochure & Order Form
  • Pegboard & Display Panel Order Form
  • Garment & Display Rack Order Form
  • Grids & Grid Accessories Order Form
  • Rental Exhibits Brochure & Order Form
  • Signs & Graphics Order Form
  • Banner Stand & Order Form
  • Fabric Frame Display 

LABOR INFORMATION (download entire section)

Freeman Labor Information & Order Forms

  • Jacob K. Javits Union Jurisdiction
  • Labor Order Form
  • Key Information Form
  • Official Contractor Information
  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Notification
  • Third-Party Billing Request
  • Structural Integrity Statement
  • Hanging Signs / Banner Information 

SHIPPING INFORMATION (download entire section)

Freeman Order Forms & Shipping Information

  • Shipment Bulletin
  • Shipping & Material Handling Guidelines
  • Shipping Information
  • NEW 40th Street Entrance Truck Routing
  • Material Handling Order Forms
  • Product Handling Order Form
  • Product Only Shipping Labels
  • Warehouse & Show Site Shipping Labels
  • Vehicle Spotting Order Form
  • In-Booth Booth Forklift Order Form
  • Accessible Storage Order Form

SHIPPING VENDORS (download forms individually)

BUILDING CONTRACTORS (download forms individually)

OTHER CONTRACTORS (download forms individually)

HOUSING & TRAVEL (download forms individually)

MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES (download forms individually)


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